Dear friends! Scramble Zoo sales have been suspended until further notice.

Scramble Zoo

Great first experience for your child on an iPad

Scramble Zoo is a fun puzzle game that helps to teach basic gestures and develop pattern-matching skills.

For age: 2-5.

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Scramble Zoo
Scramble Zoo Lite

Two game modes:

Scramble Zoo

The animals got all mixed up. Find the hippo, giraffe, kangaroo, lion, koala and friends. Play the puzzle game at a progressing level of difficulty.

Dressing Fun

The monkey has an important meeting today. The kangaroo needs glasses to read a book. The wolf is getting ready for a trip. The animals need your help dressing up.

* Available in the full version

The idea to make a game came to life while I browsed the Internet for the first game I could show my daughter on an iPad. There were many games readily available, but none really stole my heart at that time. I started thinking what it would take to create a game that we would both truly enjoy — revolving around simple interactions and bringing out positive emotions. This is how Scramble Zoo was born. Today I'm happy to share the game with other parents and their loved ones.

P.S. If you have any feedback or want to stay in touch you can find me on Twitter.